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1. Name of the Project: Evacuation of 01 MW Solar power project

on canal top at Almatti, Karnataka

Name of the Owner :

M/s. Krishna Bhagya Jala Nigam Limited, Almatti.

Nature of work & Technical features :

1. Design, supply, construction and commissioning of 1200KVA, 11kV/380V transformer
    substation at solar installation end.

2. Design, supply, construction and commissioning of 11kV over head transmission line for an
    distance of 2.2Kms from 1200KVA transformer substation to 110/33/11kV Rampur, KPTCL

3. Design, supply, construction and commissioning of terminal Bay with metering
    arrangements at 110/33/11kV Rampur, KPTCL Sub-station.

4. Obtaining drawing approval & commissioning certificate from KPTCL, HESCOM & CEIG.

2. Name of the Project: Construction of 110KV DC Transmission line from Kavalavad Ambevadi line to 110KV Haliya

l sub-station & from sub-station at Bharath Sugar Mills to Haliyal 110KV KPTCL substation.

Name of the Owner :

M/s. GMR Industries Ltd., Hyderabad.

Nature of work :

Dismantling the existing 110 KV SC line from Ambevadi Kavalvadi tapping point to 110/33/11 KV Haliyal Substation and Construction of 110 KV Double Circuit Transmission in the same corridor between the same two points. The entire work was carried out by obtaining Line Clearance ( LC ) from Load dispatch centre Bangalore.