Welcome to Abletech Electro Engineers Private Limited


1. EPC Contracts
2. Wind project Developer
3. Solar project Developer
4. Operation and Maintenance

The strength of Abletech’s services lies in its in-house experienced personnel, at management level as well as at the execution level. Abletech has dedicated team of engineers for design, estimation, purchase, project management and co-ordination, project execution, logistics and liaison for approvals

1. As an EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction)

We take up Turnkey / Partial turnkey Electrical contracts ranging from voltage rating of 11 KV upto 220 KV for Power projects namely Substations, Transmission lines, Bay extensions, Testing and commissioning including obtaining all approvals required for the project along with associated civil works.

a. Turnkey / Partial Turnkey Electrical / Civil contracts for Wind Power Projects like developing      roads and platforms in hilly terrains, foundation of Wind Energy Generator etc.
b. Turnkey / Partial Turnkey Electrical / Civil contracts connected with Mini Hydel projects              Construction of weirs, Water conducting Canals, Power house etc.
c. Turnkey / Partial Turnkey Electrical / Civil contracts connected with Solar projects.
d. Turnkey / Partial Turnkey Electrical / Civil contracts connected with co-generation projects.

Abletech Electro Engineers Private Limited, provides consulting, technical and engineering services from conception to commissioning of Renewable Power projects namely Mini Hydro, Solar and Co-generation power projects.

2. As a Wind Power project Developer.

Abletech has acquired self identified wind project sites/ capacity allotments from the Government of Karnataka. Abletech develops the project from conception to commissioning and transfers the totally developed Wind assets along with capacity allotment, land etc to potential investors.

a. Obtaining Capacity allotment from the Government.
b. Acquiring the required land from Revenue / Private / Forest for the project.
c. Obtaining all approvals for project take off up to commissioning.
d. Finalising the most suitable Wind Energy Generators for the project.
e. Completing all Electrical/Civil works required for commissioning the project like
     Construction of Roads and Platforms, WEG Foundations, Intra farm transmission line,
     Pooling substation, Evacuation transmission line, Bay Extension for
     synchronising with KPTCL grid etc.
f. Transfer all the assets along with relevant approvals and Government orders to the      investor.

3. Solar Power project Developer.

As the world around us is switching into solar energy, Abletech has plans to develop grid connected Solar projects. Abletech has plans to take up solar projects in a large way in future and provide one stop solution in execution of solar projects.

4. Operation and Maintenance of power projects .

To cater to the post project support to the projects and to its esteemed clients, Abletech has come out with its Opertaion and Maintenance ( O&M) Wing. The O&M wing of Abletech is fully equipped to take up Operation and Maintenece of Large scale Solar projects/ Parks, Wind and Mini Hydel project.